Like many young Halifax families, these clients loved their neighborhood but were quickly outgrowing their salt box style home. The clients required a mudroom with lockers, a separate play area for their three fast growing children, a guest room, a kitchen with more storage, and a larger master bedroom with ensuite. They contemplated moving to a new home but couldn’t find what they were looking for in the area. The solution was to add an 8’x22’ rear addition spanning all three levels of their current home, plus a reconfiguration of the existing spaces. The entire back wall of the house was removed and replaced with 1700 lb. steel flush beams that run the width of the house. The recessed steel beams not only support the existing structure but allow for a seamless transition between the new and the old. The original character of the house was retained on the front, which coexists in harmony with the modern rear addition clad in white Galvalume metal. Ikea cabinetry in the kitchen, master bathroom, and entry achieve a high-end look on a more modest budget. We were able to take advantage of the fact that the addition was on the south-facing wall of the home by carefully considering window placement to allow for plenty of natural light to flood into the home while retaining privacy.