East Coast Modern is a company that designs, builds, and markets prefabricated modern buildings on the east coast of Canada. Our buildings range from upscale studios (MODPODs), to wood-fired saunas and health retreats (HOTBOX), to full scale modern homes (MODHAUS), designed and co-owned by Nicholas Fudge Architecture and Design. Through our flexible approach, and strategic partnerships we can bring these products to market with top quality craftsmanship, speed, and affordability. Above all we are dedicated to modern design and quality.

ECM currently has three products: the MODPOD, HOTBOX, and MODHAUS. The entire design and building process takes place locally in Atlantic Canada. Currently in its first year of operation, ECM  has worked with its clients to develop uniquely designed MODPODs (see Projects page for photos of MODPODs), including bunkhouses, yoga studios, garden sheds, and home offices.  Each building is clad in cedar and durable materials such as galvalume and is uniquely tailored to the client’s needs and property.

HOTBOX II, a personal sauna in the style of Russian banyas, is entering the production stage next month (see Projects page for photos of HOTBOX I). Both the MODPOD and HOTBOX are designed to help expand client's properties and enhance their lifestyle by providing an inspiring space to pursue their interests, whether it is working from a home office, having a separate place for yoga, art, music, meditation, having a sauna, simply relaxing, or whatever purpose fits their life best.

ECM’s most recent venture, the MODHAUS, is currently entering the design phase. It will be a full-scale cottage or small home. We anticipate that the design for our first prototype will be completed in September.

Stay tuned for updated photos and news about ECM!